Vaporesso Gen TC Box Mod Review

If vaper constantly monitors market updates, he knows for sure that it is very physically and financially very difficult to buy everything you like. And if new drips or tanks can still be bought on a regular basis, since their price is relatively low due to the great competition, then the situation with boxing mods is more complicated. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget that not all vapers have tediously complex control, setting up temperature control curves or voice control of the device. For most, the standard option is quite enough, well, the maximum is thermal control and bypass, but this is an amateur. That is why boxing mods with the simplest possible control and reliable, stable working card are always in demand. Vaporesso decided to move away from mods with color displays and 1000 + 1 functions, and presented Gen 220W TC, in the development of which the company’s specialists made the device as simple as possible – both for experienced vapers and beginners. One can honestly say that the idea is very interesting and the implementation is implemented on the “top five”.

General information

Vaporesso Gen 220W TC is a classic box-mod, powered by two 18650 batteries, equipped with the new AXON board, which allows working with a resistance of 0.03 Ohm, designed for both experienced vapers and beginners. The box mod is made in the classic form factor, thanks to which it looks great and is very easy to use. The company’s specialists decided to use the new chipset, which is more stable in operation and can raise resistance from 0.03 ohms, which will allow vapers to experiment with winding and not be afraid of the occurrence of problematic situations. The simplicity and attractiveness of the device lies in its functionality, since in addition to the standard functions, the manufacturer used innovative modes of operation. Buy Vaporesso Gen 220W TC can be in four colors – black, black and blue.

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Vaporesso Gen 220W TC is a traditional box-mod that does not stand out in its complete set, so you can find in the box under the color of the mod:

  • Box-mod Vaporesso Gen 220W TC;
  • USB cable for charging and firmware upgrades;
  • User’s manual;
  • Warranty card.

Appearance and design

Traditionally, boxing mods from Vaporesso are distinguished by their original and slightly futuristic design, it suffices to recall Luxe, Tarot, Armor, Target and many others. Why the designers decided to execute Gen in the most traditional version in the form of a rectangle with slightly rounded corners – a mystery, but many vapers who prefer minimalism will definitely appreciate this decision.

The box mod is quite small, it fits perfectly in the hand. Due to the fact that the manufacturer used a soft-touch coating of polycarbonate and rubber for the body of the mod, it does not slip even if it is taken with wet hands. The landing area for atomizers is small, but it will allow you to confidently install tanks and drips with a diameter of up to 26 mm.

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The boxing power is provided by two traditional 18650 batteries, which are installed under one of the side panels, held with magnets. An important feature of this box-mod is that it is possible to charge the batteries using the micro-USB connector located on the side edge with a current of 2.5 A, due to which the charging process will take minimum time.

Fee, functionality and features of operation

Vaporesso’s box-mods for a long time have been completed with the OMNI chipset, which has managed to recommend itself on the positive side. But when developing Gen 220W TC, it was decided to use another proprietary development – the AXON board, which, although it resembles its predecessor, has a number of features. One of the features is the ability to raise the resistance from 0.03 ohms, so the vaper can put on the most daring experiments with coils and coils, and not be afraid that the board will not work with low resistance.

The new AXON chip is interesting for its functionality, since in addition to the traditional version of the vaper, new, slightly non-standard features are available:

  • Pulse Mode – allows you to apply a voltage pulse to the spiral every 0.02 seconds, increasing the performance of the device;
  • Power Eco – saving battery and increasing battery life;
  • Smart TC – the ability to set the optimal mode of thermal control with one click on the appropriate menu item.

Vaporesso Gen 220W TC is equipped with a small monochrome display on which you can find the standard set of information necessary for the vaper. The simplicity of management deserves special attention – to switch between the operating modes, just enter the menu and simply select the function that is optimal or necessary for the vaper.

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Conclusions and impressions

Someone from the greats said that beauty is in simplicity, and Vaporesso Gen 220W TC is a clear confirmation of this. Vaporesso’s specialists managed to create a mod that would definitely interest many vapers, since the device, made in a strict style, is as simple as possible to use and maintain, but functional and productive, and this is what many vapers need.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Slight backlash of the battery cover;
  • In the surface of the case there are small grooves that can become clogged with dirt.


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