Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA- A new choice for mesh wire fans

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA is a new serviced bacomizer from Vapefly. Mesh format devices are gaining more and more popularity due to their ease of use and maintenance, so more and more companies are developing new “mesh” devices. This device has a similar base as the Mesh Plus RDA dipstick atomizer of the same name, however, the novelty has acquired a liquid reservoir, which will allow you to enjoy the soaring process for a long time with comfort. In addition to the possibility of installing the grid, both devices can easily accommodate regular spirals.

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA 3.5ml

Contents of delivery:


  • Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA;
  • spare flask;
  • 6 grid segments;
  • 2 prewound spirals;
  • adapter under the 510th drip-type;
  • screwdriver;
  • rem-kit;
  • napkin;
  • user’s manual;
  • warranty card.


Atomizer size: 25 mm * 51 mm (including the complete drip type). Weight: 55 grams. Available in black, steel and rainbow color.

Structurally, the atomizer is disassembled into 6 parts: the lower platform, flask, base, dome, top cap and drip type. The complete drip-type 810-th unmarked, made of Derlina, if necessary, is replaced by the same. Also included is an adapter for the 510th drip type.

Top-cap has convenient notches for unscrewing. On the lower part there are 2 kerfs on both sides for air supply. The inner part has a spherical treatment, which has a positive effect on the taste characteristics of the atomizer. On the dome are similar holes for adjusting the air supply, as well as the logo of the device is engraved. On the inside of the dome, at the very bottom, there is a wide sealing o-ring, due to which there is a reliable fixation with the base.

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The base is without rack, it has 2 massive plates, in which the legs of the spirals or grid segments are installed. Fixation occurs at the expense of 2 screws in each plate, screws under the slotted screwdriver. In the lower part of the base there are cuts for laying cotton. Directly under the base is a reservoir for the liquid. The flask is made of Pyrex glass and can hold up to 3.5 ml of liquid. Below the atomizer is a well-protruding adjustable connector and a company logo.

Features of Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA :


  • stylish design;
  • excellent taste transfer;
  • the possibility of using spirals and mesh;
  • good steam generation.


In addition to this atomizer, you can purchase the net, issued by Vapefly, especially for its “grid” devices. Vapefly Mesh Plus SS316 can also be used with designs from Vandy Vape .

The grid is supplied in fifteen cuts, which are ready to be installed on the base of the aforementioned devices. The grid is made of stainless steel and in fact can work not only in the modes of varivatt, but also supports the work in thermal control. The manufacturer recommends using power from 50 W to 70 W, and set the temperature in the thermal control in the region of 270С-290С for optimal winding taste sensations. The final winding resistance after installation is of the order of 0.12 ohms – 0.18 ohms.

You can also see the review on Mesh Plus RDA , which is an exact copy of the Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA for the design features of the base and airflow.

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Now It’s Available: Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA
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