Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System Kit Review

Right after POD systems showed up in the vape marketplace, many vapers modified their attitude to vaping and started to switch to them en masse, leaving behind box mods, a tank and drips dusting in the home on the shelf. Such a need is fairly all-natural because it is far away from always easy to carry a “two-jar” mod using a huge atomizer, and even with a bottle of water additionally. And considering the fact that numerous vapers are former people who smoke who require smoking whatever the case, the POD system has turned into genuine salvation – just fill a sizable power salt nicotine into it, take a couple of puffs and saturate our bodies with nicotine. But the truth that vapers cannot fully control the operating settings of POD techniques is actually a minus. And Smok decided to resolve this minus by presenting a symbiosis from the package mod and POD techniques – RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit. This product is truly a cross between an AIO method along with a little box mod. It’s hard to say whether vapers will appreciate this type of novelty, but the fact that the unit ended up being intriguing and initial is a truth.

General details

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is a small container mod equipped with a reasonably powerful built-in battery and a powerful chipset that utilizes the standard POD fluid evaporation program. This is not saying that this new device features a very small size, however, it is designed with a battery of sufficiently large capacity, which will allow the vaper to obtain substantial autonomy. The authentic form element is really a square product in cross-section, however, its ergonomics are in the highest degree. The appearance of the incorporated LQ-R chipset, as well as a tiny color exhibit, allows the vaper to choose the optimum power in the gadget independently. The large-ability ink cartridge is designed to work together with the evaporators from the Nord and RPM collection, letting you easily pick a combination of flavor and mass without any issues. You can purchase SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit in eight colors – black, gray and purple


Given that the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is not just a POD method, but a much more useful and successful gadget, the developers of the business decided to equip it properly. In a labeled box the vaper waits for:

-Boxing mod RPM40 Product

-4.3 ml RPM Normal Pod container with pre-setup RPM Mesh4ohm Coil vaporizer

-4.5 ml Nord Pod RPM container with pre-installed Nord DC6ohm Coil vaporizer

-USB cable tv for charging

-User’s guide.

RPM40 Device Package Mod

The reality that sooner or later one of the producers will present a POD-system where you will have the functionality of a common package mod was quite anticipated. And the reality that Smok was the first to do that, too, since it is not in vain they have long held top roles in the market. The RPM40 Device package mod appears like a normal reduced-power box mod created for use with cig puff atomizers, but, obviously, it is far from equipped with a traditional 510-m connector.

The small dimensions of the mod and a rather authentic form aspect (in cross-area the unit is created by means of an sq .) make it convenient to use. And the usage of “a la carbon” inserts in the design and style is not going to permit the gadget to slide out, even when you bring it with wet fingers.

Strength RPM40 Gadget may differ between 1-40 watts and is provided by a built-in electric battery having an ability of 1500 mAh.Charging the battery is applied traditionally – using a micro-USB connector located at the conclusion of the unit. The charging you existing is .88A, so you can chargethe battery in two several hours.

The unique focus in the RPM40 Device warrants the actual existence of the LQ-R chipset with the activation duration of .001 mere seconds, which is a wonderful sign for this type of device. Naturally, the unit only has one operating function – the varivatt, but simultaneously, the vaper can independently choose the optimal energy for this.

Yet another plus is a small color exhibit, on which you may locate every piece of information essential for the vaper – running energy, evaporator resistance, and voltage, variety of puffs, battery demand stage.

evaporators, Toner cartridges, and features of use

At SMOK, it had been clearly decided to make the new device as adaptable as is possible, which is the reason it absolutely was originally built with two cartridges working on different evaporators. If you feel the manufacturer, in the future, there may also be a maintained bottom for that SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit.

Depending on the personal preferences in the vaper, you can utilize the RPM Regular Pod and RPM Nord Pod cartridges, the real difference of which is not really even during diverse quantities (4.3 and 4.5 ml), but in the type of evaporators used. The viper is able to use the RPM or Nord series among that you can choose choices of different resistance and according to various heating system elements.

Regardless of the kind of ink cartridge chosen, refilling is the same – a tiny silicone plug starts in the area, right after which you may safely complete 4.3 or 4.5 ml of water.

It is worth noting that airflow management is not supplied, but at the same time, air flow flows towards the evaporators from listed below, so the vaper will get a good preference exchange.

Results and thoughts

One of the vapers, having noticed the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit, will claim that this really is full nonsense as well as the device is somehow unusual – “nedomod” and “perepod”, but at the same time, numerous vapers will value the device’s features. The selection of evaporators, power, and simplicity of use will bribe many.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lack of airflow adjustment;
  • Weak charging current.


  • Original design;
  • Substantial autonomy;
  • Company board;
  • Power adjustment;
  • Color display;
  • Ease of use and configuration;
  • Two types of cartridges for various evaporators;
  • Large selection of evaporators;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Good taste.

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