Review : Vaporesso Revenger X kit

The Revenger X kit from Vaporesso is an evolution of the previous Revenger, with excellent touch buttons but a medieval vibrator. A set that is still efficient and pleasant to the vape.

A kit very close to the previous one

For this new version, Vaporesso has added only an “X” in the name of the Revenger kit . This has the merit of being honest, the new version is a small change from the previous one which it takes the essential, not to say almost all.

I invite you to read the review of the kit Revenger first name, to do here only the update Revenger X ergonomics box. For the feigners, the kit Revenger combines a clearomizer NRG and a double 18650 battery box capable of delivering 220 W, it has all the vape modes known in power control as temperature control and was very convincing on the test bench.

No change in the atomizer NRG, which remains convincing between 40 and 80 W, depending on the resistance that is installed in it. On his page, Vaporesso speaks of an improved version, I admit to have felt no difference to the vape, nor more than the general use. This is not a fault, the NRG tank is very good.

Same remark for most of the box, identical to the previous buttons. In a word, remove the buttons of the Revenger and you will have the Revenger X. The electronics is the same, and works identically. The tests I performed on the oscilloscope show traces that are also identical to those published in the test of the previous version.

Technical characteristics

Box revenger X 220W:

  • Dimensions: 45 mm x 89 mm x 28 mm
  • Weight: 138 g
  • Power: from 5 to 220 W
  • Display: 0.96 inches OLED
  • Resistors: from 0.05 to 5 ohm
  • Batteries : 2 18650 batteries not included

NRG atomizer:

  • Diameter: 26.5 mm
  • Height: 56 mm
  • Material: stainless steel, Pyrex
  • Weight: 66 g
  • Capacity: 5 ml
  • A resistance GT 4 0.15 ohm Dual Coils to use between 30 and 70 W
  • A resistance GT 8 0.15 ohm Quad Coils to use between 50 and 110 W
  • Connection: 510

Ergonomics revisited


The big, and indeed the only novelty of the kit Revenger X is the disappearance of the adjustment buttons of the previous version in favor of the touch. The box wins in design, the facade is now completely smooth and uniform. It also gains in finishes, the buttons of the Revenger did not leave an exceptional impression. 

It can also be noted that the production line had to be optimized during the trip, the trigger button does not move any more in his home. The difference is minimal, but the box now gives an excellent impression on its realization, as it does not matter. Menus were also slightly modified, not enough to make any noticeable difference.

Touch buttons

The three touch buttons are identified by small black logos both discreet and conspicuous. They are much more spaced than the mechanical buttons of the first version, impossible to press one while thinking to activate another. They are really very responsive and reliable. Just touch one for the corresponding menu to react immediately. No problem if the box is a little dirty or if you have wet fingers, it works every time. If you wear gloves, you have to support a little but it still works as well. A faultless.

The vibrator

To overcome the lack of tactile sensation of the new buttons, Vaporesso had the excellent idea to add a vibrator to the box. The corresponding menu allows you to activate it or not, and to adjust its intensity. Unfortunately, this setting does not change much, the vibration remains strong and almost constant regardless of the setting, unless you disable it of course.

It is especially the vibration itself that is missed. With phones, we are used to a clear, fast vibration, with a real feeling of vibration. On the Revenger X, we feel very clearly a motor that rotates an off-center piece. The vibration is coarse, slow to start or stop, with a flagrant inertia. We feel an apathetic motor that turns when we use the buttons, not a vibration as we are used to it. 

It’s subjective, but I quickly disabled this vibrator, especially since it is not essential. The setting buttons are lockable, and the box locks them automatically. The trigger button must be clicked three times quickly to turn them back on. It is a bit restrictive, but it avoids unwanted adjustments. The buttons are reactive even if you have gloves, they are just as in a pocket.

In summary

 WE love

  • Touch buttons
  • Finishes on the rise
  • Ergonomics still improved
  • Full features
  • The balanced recharge 2.5 A
  • The excellent chipset
  • The quality of vape (watts and TC)

 We do not like

  • The low contrast screen
  • The medieval vibrator


As for the vape itself, this Revenger X kit is strictly identical to the previous version. The touch buttons that differentiate them are very well made and perfectly functional. They also bring a net more at the level of finishes of the box. The vibrator is on the other hand anachronistic, worthy of a model of the 1990s. It is always an excellent kit, even better finished and recommended without hesitation.

Now It’s Available :

Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Kit with 5ml NRG Tank

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