Review: Hotcig RSQ 80W BF

The box RSQ 80W BF Hotcig is a  box electronic BF  very well done and pleasant to use, but its connection is too short and its perfectible electronics. It can be excellent or average depending on the use we have.

The finishes are excellent

The box RSQ 80W BF is marketed by Hotcig but it is the moderator Rig Mod , whose logo occupies all the back of the box, we owe its design. The realization is really neat, and finishes significantly above what its price would leave a priori think. The adjustments are clean, the box is made of solid metal that immediately inspires confidence. The weight feels a little, with 154 g on the scale, but remains quite reasonable and ultimately contributes to the impression of robustness of the box.

The design of the front is sober and classic, with buttons that have no play, which is rare enough to be appreciated. The monochrome screen has a small retro side, but especially it is particularly matte and contrasted, which allows it to remain legible even in the sun.

The door provides access to the battery compartment 18650 and the bottle, it is well maintained with 2 huge magnets. She has a small game in his home, as is very often the case but it is thick and very solid. There is no tab to remove the battery, but the notch to pass the finger down the battery is effective as you do not have the hands of lumberjack.

No door against the back, the chassis is closed. The RSQ logo in relief is clear and its edges blurred make the contact very pleasant, without the least roughness. The USB connection makes it possible to connect the box to a computer to modify the logo on the screen, and to put the software of the box up to date.

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Technical Review

The Essential Features of Hotcig Box RSQ 80W BF

Type of material BF electronic mod
Dimensions 79 mm out of 48 out of 25
Weight 154 g
Drums 1 18650 battery not supplied
Power from 1 to 80 W
Temperature control Ni200, Ti , stainless steel, TCR
Bottle 7 ml

The box includes

Box RSQ 80W BF (x1), bottle (x2), USB cord (x1), user manual (x1)

The bottle lights up

Good surprise when we turn on the box, it has a LED that illuminates the bottle. The aesthetic effect is quite successful, and it makes it very easy to see the level of liquid remaining in the bottle whatever the lighting conditions. It can also be seen as a useless gadget, in which case a menu can turn it off or choose the color of the light. I admit to being completely hermetic to the loupiotes who give the impression of being in Las Vegas as soon as one tries to vape, but it is far from being the case here and I left this little effect finally useful.

The menu to adjust the LED is a bit like all the ergonomics of this electronics, very little intuitive. It is accessed by locking the setting buttons by pressing + and – at the same time, then pressing the release button and + at the same time. If you had guessed it, you have a rare gift. The first series also had a bug that reset the LED at each battery change, it has been fixed and it is no longer useful to update the box for this. On the other hand, the key lock is reset. As I told you, unintuitive menus …

The RSQ 80W BF comes with two 7ml bottles, one in plastic and the other in silicone to suit all tastes. These are ordinary bottles with a diameter of 18.5 mm and a total height of 49.5 mm, it is easy to replace them with its preferred model if desired.

The connection is too short

With such a table, the design of the connection 510 becomes anything but understandable. This is of course a positive stud mounted on spring, but it is ridiculously short! Certainly the spring stroke is correct, but with only 3.3 mm between the positive pin at rest and the edge of the connection, this is not enough with the atomizers that have a long connection. With the Alcatraz RDA for example, we are far from being flush , there is a good half-millimeter between the base of the dripper and the box.

It must be put into perspective, the majority of atomizers are flush. But not all, and it’s really annoying on a box otherwise really well thought! A dripper flush has a positive effect on the morale of the maniacs of “flushitude”, which I recognize to be part of it, but it also allows a stronger connection in case of a fall for example. The constraint on the connector is much less if the entire base of the dripper rests on the box. And well, frankly, the dripper that stupidly overhangs the box, it’s a task. In short, this detail annoys me, I let you judge for yourself.

In summary

 WE love

  • The quality of realization
  • The lighting of the bottle
  • The readability of the screen
  • Full features

 We do not like

  • The 510 connection is too short!
  • The average electronics
  • The menus are not very intuitive


If you steam exclusively in power control and your drippers do not have a connection too long, you will notice 5/5 the RSQ. Its realization is excellent, the LED of the bottle is practical is it is very pleasant to use. On the other hand, the connection 510 too short can be troublesome, the menus are not very intuitive for the changes of mode for example, and the electronics is disappointing in control of the temperature. An excellent or average box depending on how we use it.

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