Dovpo Topside 90w Squonk Mod Review

The company Dovpo in the portfolio last summer also appeared skvonk device, brick  Basium Squonker on two 18650, resembling a fat cuboid with a bottle. In it, the most interesting can be called a slide system, designed to save the user from the frequent misfortune of all skvonkov – fluid, uncontrolled poured out of the dropper when installing the bottle. But in general, it was still slightly different from what we had seen before, since it also required filling the jar in the old manner. Last fall, the manufacturer joined forces with The Vapor Chronicles YouTube and introduced a new, already battery-powered 20700 and 21700, much more interesting and perhaps even truly innovative idea in its Topside Squonk device . The idea and implementation, which turned out to be so simple and obvious, that at the first look at the device there is only a dumb question:“Why? Why did no one think of this before ?! ”

Packaging Topside Squonk Mod FrontPackaging Topside Squonk Mod at the back

Packaging Topside Squonk Mod

The first thing that attracts attention is packaging. The box is sealed in cellophane, on the cardboard plum you can see your future skonk, its color (the image corresponds to the design, there is an inscription Black in a black diamond) and the name, read about the fact that we have just another game changing mod and in general first top fill Squonker , find a listing of characteristics, a sticker with a check of originality and a bunch of different small inscriptions and pictograms. Suddenly, under the cardboard there is a durable plastic case!

Packaging Topside Squonk Mod

The lid with large holes and the device’s logo in the form of a pointed letter T (suspiciously reminiscent of Tesla, isn’t it?) Just shifts to the side and hides under it just an armful of waste paper, under which the device itself is already located. The only complaint about such a wonderful package is the hellish smell of burnt plastic, with which it “smells sweet” long after its opening.

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Topside Squonk Mod Kit

  • Squonk DOVPO Topside Mod (without a battery)
  • Micro usb cable
  • Fixed bottle
  • Replaceable bottle
  • 18650 Battery Adapter
  • User Guide (in English)
  • Many varied waste paper

In addition to a pile of papers and a box mod with an adapter for 18650 batteries hidden inside, there was a nice blue noodle cable in the box for charging and flashing the board, as well as a small bag with a hexagon and two screws. Together with the device, the store sent me another small cardboard box labeled Dovpo TS Bottle Kit , where there was a spare bottle with a lid. As far as I understood from the description on the manufacturer’s website, it comes as standard, so check its availability on the site where you are going to purchase Dovpo Topside .

Spray Bottle TS Bottle Kit

The first thing to mention is the fairly decent size of the device, especially in height. So for those who are looking for a stealth set-up, Dovpo Topside is definitely not suitable, and it will be better to look after yourself for some kind of mechanical skonk. Because of the metal case, made of zinc and aluminum alloys, the mod in its “charged” state (with liquid and battery 21700) pulls under a decent 260 g. surprise comfortable and perfectly lying in the palm of your hand. The cover of the case in my case has a matte black rough surface and it looks like anodizing, pleasant to the touch and reminded Innokin devices. How strong it will be, to speak too early, the device I have only a week. I would like to call a separate personal advantage the absence of any inscriptions and logos on the visible parts of the device, there is only a “T” on the bottle, and that one is almost imperceptible.

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Tops Squonk Mod colors from Dovpo and TVC

The color choice was quite good, initially there were six colors, and today the manufacturer offers the following range: black, red, silver, green, blue, black, gun metal, purple and gold. In all cases we are talking about painting the side walls of the mod, the frame of the case and some elements will be black.

New colors DOVPO Topside Squonk Mod

A little later, the manufacturer, together with Topside Dual Squonk Mod 200W, also released new colors for this mod, black with multi-colored spots: gold, red, gray and yellow-blue.

Topside Squonk Mod Features

  • Dimensions: 54 * 27 * 92 mm
  • Materials: zinc alloy / aluminum alloy / stainless steel (all parts that have contact with liquid are made of food grade stainless steel and silicone)
  • Supported batteries: 18650 (with adapter) / 20700/21700
  • Supported resistance: 0.08 – 3.5 ohm
  • Input voltage: 3.2 – 4.2 V
  • Output voltage: 1 – 8.5 V
  • Output power: 5 – 90 W
  • Bottle volume: 10 ml
  • Screen: 0.96 ″ OLED
  • Spring-loaded gold-plated 510 leak proof connector
  • Colors: Silver, Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Red, Purple, Gold, Green, Black Gold, Black Red, Black Gray, Black Blue.Connector and cover of refueling Topside Squonk Mod
  • Steel connector platform has a small diameter, only approx. 13mm and imperceptibly rises above the case, here the developers did everything “beautifully”: i.e. and there is practically no clearance under the atomizer, and the mod’s paint is not scratched. Plus pin promise gilded, which is important – spring-loaded, power reserve is good, there were no problems with any tested dripka. Between the minus part and the small Topsideinscription, a plastic insulator with a connector is clearly visible. As the manufacturer says, this part is perfectly protected from leakage, and for a fee you can not worry.

    dotRDA Single Coil (22 mm) on Topside Squonk Mod Littlefoot RDA (24 mm) on Topside Squonk Mod

    The only omission, and even purely visual, is the mismatch between the bend of the body and the circumference of the installed atomizer, the center of the connector is slightly shifted forward. But anyway, the stock is decent, drips and tanks up to 26 mm will not stick out.

    Battery Cover Topside Squonk Mod

    Designers took the soul on the battery cover, bringing here both the manufacturer’s and the blogger’s logos, and an unequivocal confirmation that all this is now Designed by the Vapor Chronicles , not forgetting the standard pictograms. There are also gas vents, the microscopic size of which, to be honest, raises questions about their effectiveness.

    Battery Cover Topside Squonk Mod 18650 Battery Adapter for Topside Squonk Mod

    The lid opens with a simple forward displacement, in the open state, there is a noticeable backlash in the loop, but on the whole the mechanism looks and seems to be quite reliable. A small “-” can be found near the contact area, indicating the polarity of the battery installation, and inside the battery compartment there is an adapter made of white plastic for 18650 batteries with the manufacturer’s logo. The internal contact is spring-loaded, it has a good power reserve and there were no problems either with the 21700 or the 20700: the lid is holding up perfectly, the bank is not walking inside. Near the battery compartment, you can see the bottom of the bottle.

    Topside Cover Squonk Mod Topside Cover Squonk Mod

    On the top of the mod next to the connector is the very thing for which Dovpo and released their device – a knurled round washer, it is also a cork of the bottle. The mechanism is rather curious: the cork plugs the bottle, and then it twists. We unscrew it counterclockwise, the spring-loaded mechanism is lifted, and we pull out the cap.


    Vape Starter Kit, Wholesale E Cig Starter Kits – AVE40Topside cover and openings Topside Squonk Mod

    Under the lid, there are two large refueling holes hiding, which are covered with a silicone ring with protrusions. The size of the holes is such that it easily accommodates at least a dropper of a gorilla , even a glass pipette, even a spout from a twist-top bottle . I just would not advise pouring without aiming past the holes, the liquid can get on the connection of the bottle with the mod and on the thread where the cork is screwed. The mechanism is simple, but sealed and reliable, when refueling you do not need to disconnect anything, connect, pour from one bank to another, it is enough to unscrew the plug. It turns out no more difficult than filling the tank, brilliantly and simply. But at the same time, it remains possible to disconnect the container.

    Connection of a bottle with the Topside Squonk Mod mod Fluid Feed to Topside Squonk Mod

    Complete Topside Squonk Mod bottle with cap

    You may need to remove the bottle only if you decide to rinse it. Or just to see how the system of supplying fluid in the mod. To remove the jar, it is better to immediately unscrew the cap from the top, so it will be easier. Open the battery cover, pull the bottom of the bottle, and he is in our hands. The connection to the box occurs through the fitting and a small round hole in the cap; they are connected together when the bottle is installed. The connection is surprisingly reliable and, most importantly, dry; no fluid has appeared here after several refills of the device. I want to believe that everything will also remain in the future. The soft silicone container is in a hard plastic case and is closed on top with a steel lid screwed to the case with two screws. It is for these screws and need hex, lying in the box.

    Complete Topside Squonk Mod Bottle Silicone can and bottle body Topside Squonk Mod

    Silicone can, cap and dropper bottle Topside Squonk Mod

    The silicone cup, which acts as a fluid container, is made of a very soft material that is easily pressed by the fingers. If an ordinary jar were made of such silicone, it would surely “delight” you when installed in a mod with a constantly squeezing liquid. In a hard plastic case there is a window of the same shape and size as in the case of a skvonka. The size of the hole is large enough to easily press the jar with any finger, and due to the fact that the silicone container is quite deep in the case, it is also possible to exclude accidental pressing. The silicone tube for the fluid in my specimen has already been carefully trimmed, its better to immediately check.

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