Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod – they will soon be able to fence the fence

Coil Master continues to clone its mechanical mods, not just producing interchangeable plums, but announcing a new product each time. This time, they slightly changed the main color of the case – now it is “darkened” brass, well, at least something different is nice. But probably it’s time to stop, guys. You have already made them so much that they can enclose sections of them))) 

Nevertheless, we have Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod . 
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
Dimensions: 93 x 24mm 
Weight: 175.5g Case 
material: brass 
Power supply: built-in 1 * 18650 
Connector type: 510, hybrid 
Color: tinted brass 

– Matrix Mech Mod
– gift box 
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
So, once again we are trying to find ten differences between the new fur and the previous one. And yet they are – now the color of the metal of the main body is tinted. Naturally, the replaceable drain has also changed – it repeats the texture of the grille of luxury cars – the manufacturer says so on his official page. This structure reminds me of fish scales, maybe because I am a fisherman))) 
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
Okay, let’s leave the associative thinking alone, in general, the fur mode looks solid, let’s see what it will be in the future debriefing.
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
The landing pad, as expected, did not change its “pattern”. Hybrid connector, adapter for non-hybrid, as it was not included, so it still is not. Although some manufacturers of their devices are much less expensive to complete the latest. Perhaps this is not necessary, and most of them simply do not come in handy. I personally have this connector lay in the box – I never got it. 
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
By plum everything is clear, I hope. It is metallic, standard size – all plums of previous models will fit here absolutely calmly. The unpleasant moment of the relief structure of the drain is that it will collect garbage from your hands. 
The main pipe, as I understand it, is nickel-plated from the inside. It still remains rather thin-walled. The threads on the connector and the button are not small, which is good.

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Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
The button has not changed. It also uses a magnetic construct. The contact group is made of copper, the contact patch is pretty solid. The same six air vents surround the bottom, pushed part of the button. Here, the traditional logo of the manufacturer.
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design
– constructive buttons
– price)
Coil Master Matrix Mech Mod - they will soon be able to fence the fence ...

Now It’s Available :Coil Master Matrix/Jeans/Groot Mech Mod

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OBS BAT Kit Reviewed: Crazy Flavour, Cloud And Performance, OBS Is One To Watch!

obs bat mainIntroduction – The BAT Kit With Damo Tank By OBS

The OBS BAT kit is from a brand I haven’t had the pleasure of trying before. Nothing excites me more than picking up a product from a brand I’ve never tried and being absolutely blown away.

The BAT kit from OBS is just such a product. You may notice that the device in the photos I’ve added looks like it’s been to hell and back…it has, I’ve put this kit through some rigorous testing the past 2 weeks, camping trips and hotel rooms, the kind of chaos I don’t have the space to write about here. I’ve filled this tank more than 35 times and I am still deeply in love…

Having enjoyed the ridiculous English on their website a little too much (bless them), let me wipe the tears from my eyes and tell you what I know about OBS Shenzhen Technology.

Founded in 2014 and having made a handful of good-looking tanks like the Crius 2 RTAand Crius RDTA, the V Tank, the Engine and the Engine Nano RTA… the BAT mod is actually the brand’s first Mod and vapers, I can tell you that this brand is one to watch!

A solid, high-performance dual 18650 device with little or no cons and a tank to rival the best sub-ohm tanks on the market, when it comes to cloud and flavour.

Did I say I was impressed? I am impressed! What’s more, I’m a sucker for cray-cray, colourful LED action and there’s more than enough of that with the OBS BAT kit.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x BAT Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Damo Tank
  • 1 x 510 Adaptor
  • 1 x M6 OCC 0.2 Ohm Coilhead
  • 1 x M2 OCC 0.4 Ohm Coilhead
  • Spare Glass and O-rings etc

    obs bat mod open

Features Mod

  • Dimensions 90 x 46 x 32 mm
  • Weight 180g
  • Output 7-218 Watts
  • Resistance Range 0.1-2 Ohm
  • Temp Range 100-315 C
  • Output Voltage 0.1-8.4 V
  • Runs on dual 18650s
  • 7 LED colours built in
  • Short circuit, overcharge and high temp protections
  • Comes in red, yellow, black and blue

Features Tank

  • Dimensions 25 x 55mm
  • 5ml Capacity
  • 510 Threaded
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Pop up side fill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Runs on dual 18650s
  • available in SS, black, gold and blue
  • Compatible with Big Baby Smok Coils

Build Quality & Design


The OBS BAT Mod is a narrow, elongated rectangular, dual 18650 device with flattened horizontal edges to the two narrower sides.obs bat vape mod and Damo tank

On receipt of the neat black and yellow OBS box, I opened up to find a hefty 180g, zinc alloy device.

obs bat mod 510A deep, springy gold plated 510 connection sits at the centre of the upper surface and 2 ‘bat wing’ inlays either side the mod double as LED lights (on the screen side) and battery vents (on the battery cover side).obs bat back

These inlays are mirrored in the moulding of the zinc alloy, which effectively draws your eyes toward the mod’s large, bright display…which has an identical format to the Alien 220 mod from Smok and, I dare say, the layout and chipset may actually be the same as Smok’s, though my research hasn’t unearthed whether or not these brands are in cahoots, although the inter-compatibility of their coils and this user interface tell me this may well be the case.

Below the screen panel on one side of the mod, you’ll find the micro USB port, which is good for upgrades as well.

Above that and within the screen panel, you’ll find two small, diamond shaped and super clicky, responsive adjustment buttons, with grey OBS branding (on my black version) in the upper right corner of that side.

The panel opposite the screen side pulls away very efficiently with the help of 4 huge, round magnets, to reveal a snug and very nicely worked battery chamber with big, quality connects and prominent markings.

There are massive, accessible tabs either side the panel to aid you when removing the battery cover. There are absolutely no shakes or rattles and the overall feel is one of high quality and solid workmanship.

The base reveals 4 tiny corner screws.obs bat mod base

When facing the screen, the narrow side to the left is home to the niftiest, clickiest, most responsive fire button you could hope for, stainless steel with that concentric circle texturing I love so much.’

I love the sleek look and ergonomics of this mod and popping in those cells, I’m delighted to discover a range of seven LED colours, easily customizable, that light up the mod. Nice one!obs bat mod fire


The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm tank is a high capacity, 5ml tank with a beefy, 1 cm airflow ring at the bottom, easily adjustable thanks to nice diamond knurling all the way around.

Dual 1.5cm x 1.5mm airflow slots either side mean you will not be left wanting if you like EXTREME airflow.

The thick, 1cm top cap has the OBS branding sunken into it by way of knurling and a tapering 810 mouthpiece/driptip/plate can be removed and swapped out with the help of the included 510 adaptor.obs bat kit damo exploded view

Pull the topcap upwards to reveal the easy side fill system, with a delicious, hydraulic like feel to the whole thing that just leaves a person very, very satisfied.

This is a beautiful, well made, solid looking sub-ohm tank.

How Does The OBS BAT Kit Perform?

I didn’t know what to expect from the OBS BAT kit, never having sampled OBS wares before…not to mention the fact that this is the first vape mod offering the brand have released. Triple Kudos to OBS on an outstanding first MOD.

Solid and sturdy, with a beautiful fire button, instant ramp and a UI that couldn’t be simpler to navigate or more convenient.

The mods aesthetic makes it a perfect match for just about any of my sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs and performance is right up there, rivalling the very best of my dual 18650 mods.

New atomizer detect and resistance readings on the money, without fail.

I’ve tested TC for Ni and SS and found the readings accurate, with the settings I tested feeling true.

I can’t tell you how much I like the multi colour LED detail, which I set to display when firing, 7 different colours all bright and vibrant…for some added UFO action in the dark, delightful!obs bat yellowobs bat redobs bat blue

I really did put this mod through the gauntlet, resulting in some chips to the paint job but I stress that I’ve been more than rough with this mod and it’s held up like a trooper, mwah!

As for the DAMO…what…whaaaat?????!!!!!!
This tank is phenomenal.

It’s noisy, the airflow is noisy but with these coils…ooh, flavour, cloud, for days and through the freaking roof.

Imagine my surprise when reviewing a range of e-juices and realizing that the flavour from the Damo with these M6 coils is equivalent to that of a popular RDA I had set up on another device. I am more than impressed with this tank.

I absolutely love this tank.

How To Fill The OBS Damo Tankobs bat damo fill

  • Pull up the top cap
  • Fill through the massive side fill slot

How To Change the Coil

  • Twist the glass anticlockwise to remove from the base
  • Unscrew the coil head
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

Hmmmmm…now, I’ve mentioned that these coilheads are interchangeable with those from Smok’s Big Baby, so I figure it makes sense to draw a comparison.

I find these coils superior to Smok’s…

The M6, 0.2 Ohm coil with it’s 40-80 recommended wattage range is a wonderwork of flavour and cloud.

At 50W I’m experiencing the cloud I’d expect at 70W, with flavour that I think can only be rivalled by an RDA, I’m able to taste the full profile of even the most complex of my flavours, which really says a lot about this coil. 65W is my sweet spot for this M6 coil.

Before you knock it, remember, this is just my opinion. All I’m saying is, these coils have knocked my socks off.

As for the M2, 0.4 Ohm coil, with it’s recommended range of 30-50W…once again, a cloud beast, with flavour obviously slightly less profound than that of the M6 but no less miraculous. I love this coil at 45W.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on
  • 3 clicks to access menu system
  • +- to adjust
  • long click to select
  • 5 clicks to lock

How To Replace The batteries

  • Pop off the battery cover
  • replace batteries

Battery Life

Excellent, a full 14 hours on dual Samsung 2500s at a 60 W setting. The LEDs draw very little power, regardless of setting.


  • Solid handfeel, good weight and ergonomics
  • Fun LED lights
  • Intuitive UI and responsive chip
  • Awesome fire button with great ramp time
  • Crazy Flavour
  • Mean ass cloud action


  • The paint job has started to chip…but I’ve been rough with it.

Final Review Verdict

The OBS BAT kit comes highly recommended, if you want exceptional flavour, stuuupid clouds and a sturdy as hell box mod with cray-cray party lights…you can not go wrong here.

I’m 100% satisfied with the performance on this mod and tank and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next release from this young but competitive brand. Still recovering from the flavour shock I got from the Damo Tank…other brands better watch out!


Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? Definitely!

Now It’s Available :OBS Bat 218W Box Mod

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Hellvape ReBirth RDA



Since both of these mods are made from the same company and they use the same exact chipset, just in a different form factor, I decided to review them together. There really is not much of a difference between them and I will definitely go over it in detail in this review. Both mods come packaged very nicely. It’s too bad the performance is not as good as the packaging on both mods.

Each mod comes in a box with a cardboard sleeve. Once you pull the cardboard sleeve off, the box opens with a flip top and inside is a plastic tray with your mod and a Revtech keychain fob. The Sport comes with two extra grills for the mod that we will go over a little later.

Both mods look really nice and they have a great form factor to them. Both mods feel very solid in the hand and they are very impressive as soon as you take them out of the box. I especially like the looks of the Nitro.



  • One REV Nitro 200W TC Box Mod
  • One QC Card
  • One Rev Rubber Keychain
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • One Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review


  • One REV Sport 101W TC Box Mod
  • One QC Card
  • One Rev Rubber Keychain
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • One Warranty Card
  • Two Addition Vent Covers
  • User Manual

Rev Tech Sport Review



A Nitro has a really unique shape to it. I’ve heard some people actually describe it as looking like a modern day hand grenade. One thing’s for sure, it has a great form factor and it does feel awesome in your hand. I love the fire button placement. The fire button is placed almost near the top side of the mod but the top side of the mod kind of slants downward and they put the fire button right on that slant. The fire button has some dimples in it with that gives it some texture and it does have a nice clicky feel to it. The fire button is slightly raised off the surface of the mod.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

The 510 on the Nitro is gold plated and spring loaded. It has a great spring to it that is nice and firm. It also has a pretty long throw as well. The threading around the 510 connection is stainless steel and very smooth. So far, I have had no issues with any of my atomizers sitting flush on the Nitro. The top plate of the Nitro is held in place by 2-star screws that are located between the 510 connection and the fire button. The Nitro will hold a 25 mm atomizer with no overhang.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

Right below the fire button, there are the up and down buttons that are clearly marked. They also have a nice clicky feel. The plus button is on the right and the down button is on the left. Located below the up and down button is a menu button. It has a triangle shape to it and it has the same clickiness as the up and down buttons. Right below all the buttons is a charge and update port. Honestly, it’s really just a charge port because the update on these mods is such a hassle that it almost renders this part of the mod useless for updates. I will get into that a little later when we go over the Sport. Right below the port, there is some nice venting that has some screens in front of it. It really gives the mod a nice look and it makes it seem like Revtech was actually paying attention to detail.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

The screen is big, circular, and colorful. If you turn the screen sideways, it almost looks like a silhouette of Mickey Mouse with his ears laid out flat. Above and below the circular screen are two other circles that are done in a glossy black. I could have definitely done without those two circles. I think the mod would have looked much better without them. The screen is nice and bright and it does seem to work well. It is one of those type of screens that has a puff counter with a needle on it. There are a few different UI’s that you can pick from but they all are very similar.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

Located on the side of the mod, opposite the fire button, there is a leather-like sticker that is on the curvy side of the mod. It has some nice texture to it and it has not started peeling at all. It does seem to be well done and it does give the mod some grip and texture.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

On the bottom side of the mod is where we have the battery door. It is a push-down, slide-out sort of battery door with a hinge system. There are clear battery indicator markings on the battery door. The markings are right next to the button style, gold plated, battery contacts. On the inside of the battery compartment, there are also two gold-plated, spring-loaded, battery contacts. The whole inside of the battery compartment is done in plastic for safety. So far, all of my 18650’s have fit in there nice and snug with no battery movement at all. The door also seems to be solidly done.


The Sport is an altogether different form factor than the Nitro. It is more of a square or rectangular shape with curved edges. It’s also a very comfortable form factor but it just doesn’t seem to fit in your hand the same way that the Nitro does. This is an internal battery mod, so there is no battery door or compartment.

Rev Tech Sport Review

The 510 connection is the same exact 510 connection as the Nitro. The only difference is this one is centered. It also has a very similar fire button that is located on the corner of the mod. The fire button does not protrude like the one on the Nitro but it’s more flush against the body of the mod. The same holds true for all of the other buttons. The plus and minus button are located below the fire button and they also sit flush against the mod. They have a nice clicky feel to him but they are the same exact color of the mod and you almost have to look to see them. They are also labeled with a plus and minus sign. Below the up and down button is where you will find the menu button. It is much bigger than the plus and minus button but it has the same exact feel as them. Right below the menu button is where you will find the charge update port.

Rev Tech Sport Review

Rev Tech Sport Review

The screen on the Sport is the same exact screen that you will find on the Nitro. It has all the same interfaces and all of the same functions. Located above the screen is a grille section. You can basically take one of the included grills that looks like a BMW grill and put it on the Sport mod. They also have one that looks like a Mercedes emblem and another that is just very generic and doesn’t look like any car emblem that I know. In fact, if I had to describe the generic one, I’d say it looks like a Mercedes grille without the star inside the circle. Not too sure how I feel about this blatant trademark rip off but then again, that’s really not my fight. I think it’s kind of silly and it’s definitely not a selling point for me. I’m not buying a mod so I can put a certain grille on it.

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Rev Tech Sport Review

Underneath the grille is where you will find a big magnet and the grille does have tabs that it snaps into. There is also some venting for the mod with some screening behind the vents. On the left side underneath the grille, there is a recessed reset button. I tried hitting this button a million times while my mod was bricked and it did absolutely nothing. You would think that a reset button would reset the mod back to factory settings no matter what has happened to it. That’s not the case with the Sport mod from Revtech.

Rev Tech Sport Review


Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review

It is a shame that these mods don’t live up to their looks. They are both extremely good looking mods that feel great in the hand. I wish they actually performed half as good as they look. What’s the use of having a great -looking mod if it gets bricked on an update or it just doesn’t perform up to industry standards? If I had to pick one of the two mods, I would definitely go with the Nitro because I think it has a better form factor. The curviness of that mod kind of edges out the Sport in the form factor department.

Rev Tech Saport Review


Rev decided to go with their proprietary Venom chipset in this mod. I really like that they did go with a 4-button interface on this mod. The Sport is supposed to be capable of 101 watts and the Nitro is capable of 200 watts. Both have a temperature control range of 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. They can fire down as low as .08 ohms. In TC mode, they have presets for Ni, Ti, SS304, SS316, and SS317. They also has a TCR and preheat function available as well.


Because of the 4-button interface on both mods, the menu system is quite simple. Basically, everything happens through the menu button. You hold the menu button in order to access the main menu. Once inside the main menu, you use the up and down button to scroll through your choices. Once you land on one of your choices, all you do is hit the fire button to confirm your choice. You can then use the up and down button to scroll through the choices in that particular submenu. Three clicks of the fire button will lock and unlock the mod. Pretty straightforward, and pretty simple. You can quick click the menu button to change the color of the font on the screen. There are a bunch of different colors to choose from.

Rev Tech Nitro And Sport Review


Unfortunately, I did not find either mod to be particularly accurate. They are definitely more accurate in power mode as opposed to TC mode. However, I did still find them to be slightly underpowered in power mode and I really don’t think they’re hitting the full wattage. When I vaped them next to my DNA mod at 65 watts, it really felt closer to 50 watts. The vape on my triple battery DNA was definitely much hotter, especially at the higher wattages. I would say that in power mode, it’s probably about 10 or 15 watts underpowered, depending on how high on the spectrum you go in power mode.

TC mode was another story altogether. They both seemed to do well with single coil atomizers in TC mode. With those types of atomizers, I had absolutely no issues. The vape seem to be pretty on point and fairly accurate when compared to a DNA or Yihi chipset. The problem with the both mods is when you start running bigger, dual coil, builds in TC mode. They have a really tough time ramping them up. That’s probably because this is one of those chips that does not allow you to adjust the wattage in TC mode.

These types of chips are always a problem because it takes away one of your aspects of control in TC mode. Anyone who vapes in TC mode knows that doing so is all about control. To take one of those control aspects away really limits the ability of a chipset. It will vape in TC mode on dual coils but it is severely underpowered and you really will not get a very satisfying vape. It’s actually very anemic with dual coils in TC mode. I was hoping that Revtech would address this in a software update but after going through the fiasco of one of their updates, I wouldn’t dare try it again.

Another annoying feature about this mod is the fact that sometimes, you get a delay when it comes out of sleep mode. This is definitely a con and it can’t get very frustrating after the mod has been sitting for awhile and you go to vape it. You pick up the mod, you go to vape it and nothing happens. I don’t know why manufacturers can’t get rid of that feature in sleep mode. When I pick up a mod, I want it to produce vapor as soon as I hit that fire button.


  • Work On Your Update Game
  • Wattage Adjustment In TC Mode

The firmware upgrade for this mod is easily the worst that I have ever used in all my years of vaping. Never have I seen such a complicated, archaic, useless system for upgrading a mod. It is just absolutely ridiculous that I cannot plug this mod into my computer and simply update it without going through all these stupid steps that Revtech has in their upgrade process. I know it seems like I’m being a little harsh on these mods but it is just so frustrating because the mod looks so good but the firmware and the performance come nowhere near the looks of both mods.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to bring this up? If you want to do good TC, you need to have some sort of wattage adjustment available. There’s a reason why most of the mods that do bad TC do not have a wattage adjustment. It’s a common denominator that mod makers have not been able to see yet. Mod makers need to wake up when it comes to TC and realize that TC is all about control. To get rid of one of those control pieces in the TC formula is a huge mistake.


If you’re the type of person that just goes for looks and that’s all you want out of a mod, then you should probably pick one of these two up. There’s no doubt about it, they are both very good looking mods. The performance on them though, is absolutely horrible. I’m not just talkin about the bricked mod that I have sitting on my desk right now but I’m also talking about the wattage performance. They’re just underpowered and the fact that you can’t upgrade them, out of fear of bricking the mod, is just icing on a terrible cake. I cannot in good conscience recommend either one, even though I love the form factor and looks of both of them. It really is a shame because I wanted to like both mods but I just can’t.

If Revtech reaches out to me and they want to help me unbrick the mod that I have, I will gladly speak to them. I will not amend this review though because I did email them 3 times trying to get somebody to help me and 3 times, nobody answered me. That is just absolutely unacceptable. For that reason and many others, I would recommend that if you see these mods in a showcase, keep walking.

Now It’s Available :REV Nitro V2 200W TC Kit with Drift Tank

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Vaporesso Luxe Mod

smok novo

dovpo topside

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voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

vladdin pod kit

smoant naboo

vaporesso drizzle

Advken Manta RTA Review

Introduction – The Manta RTA by Advken.

The Advken Manta RTA is one of the latest atomizers from this Shenzen based company.

I’ve personally had the pleasure of owning the Mad Hatter RDA in the past. Advken are also known regulated box mods like AYANA 60W,and Qiangba 200W and mech mods like Mad Hatter 24” Kit and the Honeycomb Mechanical Mod.Advken Manta RTA and mod

Their Atomizer list includes Ziggs 24 RDA and the Campione RDTA.

I may have tipped my hat to Advken’s Mad Hatter in the past but will we be doing the same for the Manta RTA? Or should it just be send out to sea?

Come with me and let’s take a detailed look at one of Advken’s recent releases.

In The Box

  • Manta RTA
  • Spare glass (bubble shaped)
  • Coil/Driver tool
  • Spare parts baggy
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vape and share cardAdvken Manta RTA in the box

Main Specs/Features

  • 24mm RTA
  • Dual Coil Design with Staggered Posts
  • Top Refill System with big refill holes
  • 810 ultem drip tip
  • Gold Plated Positive and Negative Posts
  • 3 Adjustable Air Flow Holes in the deck, and 1 Hole in the Positive Post
  • 5ml for Normal Glass Tube and 5ml for Chubby Glass Tube

Design and Build Quality

The Manta RTA from Advken is made from a glossy finish stainless steel.

Advken Manta RTA on mod

The tank has two options of Pyrex tanks one will hold 3.5ml of liquid and the bubble tank will hold 5ml.

The posts are of a staggered design made of gold plated stainless steel, airflow is fully adjustable and all threads are smooth and operate very well.

The tank is compatible with most 810 drip-tips, the build and design quality is excellent I am very impressed with the overall look and feel of this RTA it is beautiful and sleek with the 3.5ml tank installed.

A quick guide to coiling and filling the Manta RTA

You don’t have to empty the Advken Manta RTA to change your wicks and coils, just turn the RTA upside down and unscrew the base!Advken Manta RTA deck coils

  • To install your coils place the leads through the post holes
  • Tighten the grub screws
  • Wick as you normally would and tuck the cotton into the 4 wick spaces making sure they cover the juice intake slots
  • Moisten your wick and coils with E-liquid
  • Re-assemble your RTA and fill through the large kidney shaped fill ports under the top cap.
  • I suggest that you give the RTA a few minutes to soak up more liquid before first use.

*tip I recommend a 70/30 liquid as I found, for me, that an 80/20 e-liquid caused dry hits.Advken Manta RTA wicked

A word about leaking!

Many people get disillusioned by their RTA’s leaking! Take your time when wicking; it’s a trial error process, sadly we can’t get away with that.

The diameter of your coil is dependent on how much cotton you use. I air on the side of using more cotton than needed and cut down as I see fit.

I suggest with the Manta, using enough cotton so you can just move it when you put it through the coil, fluff your cotton and as you are tucking it into the wick spaces press the cotton backward making sure you fully cover the juice intake slots.

If needed, separate your cotton tail into two, the first half covers the liquid intake and the second fills the wick space, repeat for the other 3 tails.

The Manta RTA disassembles in 5 parts


  • Coil cover/chimney/liquid fill port
  • Top cap
  • Ultem driptip
  • 3.5ml or 5ml Pyrex glass tank

Advken Manta RTA deck 2

The base has bottom airflow which is fully adjustable with 3 holes either side, the gold plated 510 pin sits a little proud of the treads, on the bottom of the deck you have branding and CE marks.Advken Manta RTA 510The build deck is made of gold plated stainless steel, with velocity style staggered two post design, the positive post has one internal airflow hole that sits on a peek insulator.Advken Manta RTA deck 3The internal airflow is handled by 2 holes either side of the build deck, you also have 4 corner spaces to tuck your wick under. Each of these corner wick spaces is a slot for liquid intake.Advken Manta RTA deck 1

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Coil cover/chimney/liquid fill portAdvken Manta RTA chimney

Made from stainless steel and sealed as one unit, the coil cover is bevelled on the inside with threads, laser etched into the outside is a manta ray, the chimney separates the coil cover from the liquid fill port, which comprises of 2 large kidney shaped slots and threads.

Advken Manta RTA fill ports

Top cap/ Ultem driptipAdvken Manta RTA cap

The top cap has a cut out pattern that help removal it has threads that allow it to screw to the fill port.Advken Manta RTA top viewInside the top cap drip-tip space you have an O ring, the Ultem 810 drip tip fits tightly into the drip tip hole. The base of the drip-tip sports a branded band which actually makes the drip-tip look like it has a smaller profile than it actually has.

Tank/sAdvken Manta RTA tanks

The Manta RTA comes with 2 choices of Pyrex glass tank a 3.5 straight cut and a 5ml bubble shaped tank.Advken Manta RTA ready to use 1

How Does The Advken Manta RTA Perform?

In testing this Manta RTA I used Flapton (kanthal) wire on a 2.5mm bit at 0.16 OhM’s on my Reuleaux Gen 3 with an e-liquid from Totally Wicked called Danish Swirl (Part of the Route 66 Range).Advken Manta RTA ready to use 2


With one hole open on the airflow I was able to get a sort of mouth to lung draw plenty of flavour but the vapour production was slightly disappointing. A direct to lung draw was much better plenty of flavour and good amount of vapour production, however, even with this one hole open the draw for me was very loose and airy.


Opening up the airflow one more hole produced a nice warm vape with good flavour and vapour production with a straight to lung draw, even so the draw was airy so I closed the airflow back down to one open, the result was too hot a vape for me.


Airflow fully open I was able to almost fill my small office lol again the flavour was good but not as great as at 80w.

I’ve now settled at 90w for my sweet spot with this RTA giving a good balance between flavour and vapour with the airflow open to the 2nd hole.

What I Like

Like all Velocity style decks this RTA is very easy to build on, with the added benefit of having the staggered posts it makes it even more so. I like the idea that Advken have included a vape cloth and a coil tool which doubles as an Allen key.

What I Didn’t Like

It’s got to be said I personally hate the bubble glass, to me it just doesn’t look as nice as it does when the 3.5ml straight tank is installed.

The airflow is too much for me, I would have preferred a slightly more restrictive airflow or no airflow on the positive post; wicking this RTA can take a little practice to get the balance of fluffy plus amount of cotton. I’ve had more than one leak while learning to wick the Manta RTA correctly. Finally, no spare drip-tip or adaptor was included with this RTA.

Final Review Verdict

The Manta RTA by Advken is a beautiful looking tank that is easy to coil and feels great in the hand. It vape’s very well at medium to higher wattages with good flavour, if you like an airy draw then this might be the rda for you.

It does, however, take some practice to wick this RTA correctly.

Would I buy the Advken Manta RTA again should I damage or lose this one? Yes I would.

Now It’s Available :


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Review Sigelei MT 220W


The Sigelei company fell into the hands of vapers after the last controversial devices like Wildfox and the scandals around Sigelei 213, so the brand had to try hard to make the new mod perfect.

To do this, all the available developments in terms of technical characteristics and design delights were used, and as a result, the Sigelei MT box-mod with a maximum power of 220 W appeared.

The main feature of the model in appearance. It stands out among other devices for its brightness and unusual shape. Sigelei MT also has a highlight of the entire front of the mod, so it looks original when hovering, or simply “on the shelf”.

In addition, the company Sigelei was able to surprise in terms of technical characteristics. Two removable batteries, 220 W of power, all modern modes of soaring and a low threshold of resistance – this is what Sigelei MT offers.



Sigelei MT can either fall in love or hate right away. The case of zinc alloy and stainless steel is painted in four colors, but there is not a single solution: red-yellow, black-silver, black-blue and violet-red color options.

The first color means the tone of the main body, and the second – the stainless steel inserts that cover the battery compartment. On the “front” side there is a display under the transparent plastic, so through it you can see the board and the LEDs.

In addition to the light sources under the Fire button, the mod also has six LEDs on the edges of the “front” part, which can glow when hovering or when idle (as chosen by the bathers).

The backlight color can be adjusted either from presets, or it can be manually set via RGB values.

The form of Sigelei MT is non-standard. This is an oval, but with a “bump” “grown” on one side, which is just the display. In the hand, however, he fits well.

The device dimensions are small for its class: 87 x 50 x 33.5 mm. For an inconspicuous hovering, the mod will not work, and its entire luminous design does not imply concealment in hand – Sigelei MT must be seen by everyone around it.

In general, the design of Sigelei MT reminds of the currently popular superhero films and Transformer tapes – the design of the Fire button clearly refers to the robots logo. For this, the mod receives both negative and positive reviews.

The build quality of the Sigelei MT is good, but the durability of the battery cover raises concerns. She is significantly reeling, so sooner or later she can fall off.

There is also a “gift version” of the Sigelei MT, which is slightly different in design – it has a different color and smooth side stainless steel inserts for engraving.

This version was mainly distributed to reviewers and wholesale buyers, so it is unlikely to be found on sale.




From 10 to 220 watts in increments of 0.1 watts. In the presence of a pre-heating function, which allows you to more precisely configure the behavior of the board in the mode of varivert and thermal monitoring.

Temperature control (TC)

From 100 to 300 ° C or from 200 to 570 ° F with a step change of 5 and 10 degrees, respectively. Thermal control is possible on nickel, titanium, stainless steel 316 and 317 – for the latter two, separate modes are selected for convenience. There is also an additional TCR mode for installing custom metal winding.

In TC mode, you can block the resistance and manually set the power.

Board Accuracy, Subwoofer

The manufacturer claims from 0.05 to 3 ohms in all modes, but the bathers note that the device works with windings of 0.04, 0.03 and even less than 0.01 ohms.

This error or Sigelei specifically “silenced” such a function – it is not yet known. This may mean that the low resistance protection simply does not work in the Sigelei MT.

It is known that this is not a display error – the resistance of the mode spiral shows quite accurately.

On the mode well stand atomizers with a width of 25 mm. Large will already “hang” over the body. The mode fee works well, but the bathers notice some inaccuracies.

For example, the battery voltage is not displayed correctly. The power of 220 W is able to give a fee, but only on fully charged batteries.

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The Sigelei MT has two removable 18650 batteries. The manufacturer recommends batteries with a current rating of 25 A. You can charge the batteries inside the mod via the USB port or in a separate charger.

Charging inside has an increased speed – 2.5 A, so even large batteries will charge quickly enough. Sigelei MT has charge balancing as well as a current cut-off function when used during charging.

This means that the mod can be used for soaring during charging, but the manufacturer does not recommend it.

Batteries are connected in series, so it’s impossible to soar on a single battery. The battery compartment is locked with a mechanical latch, the contacts of the compartment are spring-loaded. The minimum voltage of the batteries is 3.2 V, but the bathers note that the board sometimes “surrenders” before this line.


Sigelei MT has a large 1-inch screen that displays all the useful information: mode name, power, temperature, resistance, voltage, battery voltage for each individual, the total charge of the batteries, the number of draws made, or the soaring time of choice.

The display is color, so high power will be displayed in red, and low – in green. The screen can be clearly seen in the dark and in the light, but problems can arise with a particularly bright reading day.

The backlight of the button and the screen can be turned on forever, only for the time of soaring or turned off altogether (independently of each other). You can choose the backlight of the screen from six ready-made colors or customize it yourself.


Standard 510 steel connector with brass spring-loaded pin. The connector area has a diameter of 22 mm, so wider atomizers can “levitate” above the surface of the body.


The mod has a full set of protection:

  • against short circuit;
  • high / low voltage;
  • high / low resistance;
  • overcharge / overdischarge;
  • battery imbalance;
  • from improper battery installation;
  • from evaporator overheating (cutoff at 10th second);
  • from overheating of the board;
  • air vents for removal of gases from batteries.

Upgradeable firmware

Sigelei MT can be updated using the firmware from the official site . To do this, you will need to download the file, connect the mod to the computer using the included USB cable and run the downloaded application. All processes will take place automatically.



Sigelei MT is easy to manage. You can turn on and off the device by pressing Fire five times. A triple will open a menu in which you can select the hover mode, adjust the TCR, the backlight of the button and the display.

The Fire and “+” buttons open the pre-heat setting, which in the TC mode is also the power setting. To block the resistance in the thermal control mode, you can simultaneously press “+” and “-“. Fire and “-” block adjustments.



  • Dimensions fashion: 87 x 50 x 33.5 mm
  • Weight without batteries: 197 g
  • Weight with battery: 287 g



  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass pin)
  • Battery type: 18650 removable batteries (2 pcs) with a return current of 25 A
  • Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3 ohm
  • Working power: 10 – 220 W
  • Adjustable temperature range: 200 – 570 ° F; 100 – 300 ° C
  • Output voltage: 1 – 7.5 V
  • The minimum battery voltage: 3.2 V
  • Maximum charging current: 2.5 A



Feedback and experience of use

Sigelei MT received mixed reviews. Someone called the mod “returning” Sigelei to the leaders, and someone thought it was a “Chinese lantern”. Both “camps” are right about something.

The design of the Sigelei MT is an amateur; the transparent front panel and multi-colored LEDs are especially criticized – with them, the mod becomes like a toy. Not save the situation and colors, among which there is only one more or less “serious”.

In terms of technical characteristics, there are few claims to Sigelei MT. The board can do everything that a modern device should be able to do, and even more.

For example, the resistance threshold of 0.01 ohms is an excellent indicator, but it may happen that this is just a failure of the protection, and then the advantage turns into a disadvantage.

In general, Sigelei MT turned out to be a decent mod, albeit in a strange incarnation. The parillers also noted the price – you can buy a device for 2,400-4,000 rubles, which is quite a bit for such functionality.

It is hard to say who the new product is aimed at. In an attempt to rehabilitate, the company decided to “cram” into the “all good” mod, so the combination of frankly youth style and “serious” stuffing turned out to be quite specific.

Now It’s Available :

Sigelei MT 220W Kit

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Eleaf iStick Pico S with Ello Vate review

Note: This article has been partially translated from French with an automated software. Please excuse us for any mistakes that it might have caused. Leave us your comments at the bottom of this page to help us improve this translation. Thank you.

Attention, legend!

The iStick boxes are part of the legend, or at least the history of vaping. In 2015, Eleaf released the first iStick, a small box with variable power and internal batteries, a revolution at the time. Many vapers, beginners or not, adopted it : it was the beginnings of a variable wattage vaping for all, at an affordable cost.

So much so that this box is still produced today, even if it now has bigger, more energetic sisters, like the 60 W version.

One year later, Eleaf designed the iStick Pico, a box with a smaller interchangeable battery than the others, thanks to a trick that all the manufacturers then took back: to make the battery of the box exceed a little bit thanks to the cap of the compartment. I have two copies, a 22 mm and a 25 mm, more adapted to the current atomizers of diameters higher than 22 mm. They follow me wherever I need a discreet setup.

In short, these iStick and iStick Pico boxes are among the best-selling and not for nothing: they are robust, simple and discreet. It is also a difficulty for Eleaf: how to conceive a succession worthy of the legend?

Pico S: ready for the future

Whether in terms of design or chipset, the Pico S is not just an evolution of the Pico line. If it takes up the idea of the battery compartment which protrudes from the box, its design is more worked, it is larger, and its chipset is new, more complete.

The screen is always monochrome, but it is bigger, more readable. The menus are simple and well organized in two parts:

– 5 clicks on the firing buttons display the available modes, from power mode to TCR mode via memories, bypass mode and temperature modes for different wires.
– A long simultaneous click on the firing button and the + button accesses the advanced settings: brightness, intensity display instead of the number of puffs (thanks Eleaf for proposing this important display), preheat, for example.

The battery 21700 is inserted into a tube which is unscrewed from the base and completely removed. The interest of the 21700 batteries is to offer a larger capacity, in a still reasonable format. The tube is decorated with waves and illuminated, when one goes, by a series of LEDs on the black part. In general, I don’t particularly like boxes that light up, but if it stays discreet and nicely done, it’s fine. This is the case here, and these LEDs can be disabled, so everyone can choose between light and shadow.

In short, the design is less sober, the lines are tight and it is rather successful. The box is more massive and gives a feeling of robustness to all tests. All adjustments are impeccable and the details are neat, more than on previous Pico.

Ello Vate: new coil heads

In this kit, the iStick Pico S comes with an evolution of the Ello clearomiseur, the Ello Vate.

It’s a good big subohm that goes between 45 and 100 W. It strongly resembles the Ello Duro, tested previously on our french site, and shares the same interchangeable coil heads, named HW-Net and HW-Mutilehole.

To be clearer, the first is a kanthal mesh, and the second is a thin kanthal sheet pierced with holes (photo). All manufacturers are currently adopting these alternative materials to traditional wires, to surf on the idea that mesh would produce better flavors, which is not only false, but not automatic either.

Its construction is traditional: a curved pyrex tank that clips onto the top cap that also houses a honeycomb resin drip tip, and a base that houses both coil head and air flow control.

Filling is done from the top after sliding the top cap to the side.
The drip tip is almost standard 810, but not quite, and the seals are on the drip tip instead of being in the top cap. In fact, Eleaf has adopted the same format as Smok’s TFVs, so it will be possible to find replacements if needed.

The vapor of this atomizer is powerful, the vapor is dense, and we must admit that the flavors are not destroyed on the altar of the giant cloud. Without reaching the level of a good rebuildable atomizer, these coils work well. We also find the characteristics of this type of atomizer: a significant consumption of liquid and energy, and the impossibility of vaping under 45 watts.

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Pico S: heiress or usurper?

Heiress of course, of the Pico line, it takes the general form, a measured price, the relevance and simplicity of the chipset, even if it has evolved and has been enriched with more modern functions. But it is also very different: it is bigger, more massive, more powerful and more “luxurious”. It is not sold in kit with the traditional Melo, but with an Ello, cloud chasers. It is also more “technical”: when you have it in hand, you feel the construction in two bodies.

As a daily user of the old pico, my first reaction was to say “no, this is not a “real” Pico”! But in use, whatever, it is a very good box, reliable and ergonomic, we can even say that it is better built than its little sisters (arghh, I really said that?).

A well thought kit for the subohm

Overall, the kit is consistent and of very good quality for lovers of powerful and open vape without sacrificing taste. The autonomy remains for the moment a little bit close with only one battery, even if it is in 21700 format: its capacity is, for the moment, only 25 % more important than that of a battery 18650 of 3000 mAh. But patience, Eleaf does well to bet on this format, in little time, we will have batteries 21700 of greater capacity.

Technical review

The kit is delivered in a black box and contains many seals, pyrex and spare resistors, as well as a usb cable. Some kits also include a 21700 battery, but not the one I received. The instructions for use are brief but clear, and in French.

The essential features of the Eleaf iStick Pico S

  • Type of equipment : starter kit
  • Box Dimensions : 81 mm x 52,5 mm x 28.5 mm
  • Weight : 143 g without battery
  • Battery : 21700 and 18650
  • Max. atomizer diameter : 28 mm
  • Power : :7 to 100 W
  • USB Charging
  • Metal materials
  • Atomizer Dimension : 25 mm by 52
  • Interchangeable mesh resistors
  • Capacity : 3 or 5 ml
  • Kit weight : 260 g

Little surprise observation

The first thing I did when I received this kit was to unscrew the tube to fit an 18650 battery. The adapter works perfectly, but the tube, by unscrewing itself, produced a shrill creaking, amplified by the sound box that the empty tube constitutes. It was a bad start.

Worse, at the time of screwing, impossible, the tube was rotating and did not hook the thread. In fact, the positive stud at the bottom is spring-loaded to ensure good contact, and needs to be compressed a little to screw the tube back on. It is thus necessary to press on the top of the tube while screwing it. The ugly creaking is lower when there is a battery in the tube, it disappears with a little grease, oil or even liquid on the screw thread.

A tip: do not overtighten the tube, it is useless, and it would then be more difficult to unscrew. This tube is the only real reproach I could make to this box: it has a mouth, but it is not the most practical system to change a battery quickly and easily.

A few enthusiastic comments

It’s this design that deviates from the tradition of the previous Pico, but it must be admitted that its curves are beautiful. The ignition button is wide and soft, it does not click in a sound way and falls spontaneously under the fingers used, thumb or index finger.

On the whole kit, the design is worked, just before the limit of too much. Even the drip tip is nice, it’s not just a basic black Delrin drip tip. The grip is pleasant, to my taste rather with the front screen of oneself and firing with the thumb. In short, if it is not in my eyes a true historical “Pico”, it is a successful box.

A little teasing observation

At Eleaf’s, consistency is the order of the day when it comes to atomizers names. Their flagship clearomizer has long been the Melo. His rebuildable brother was then called Lemo, um… When they wanted to make a more muscular clearomizer, big cloud trend, they called him… Ello. Isn’t that amazing? They also have other names, but there is a dominant one, and I would be curious to know the origin of this consistency of sound. You know, you?

In summary

We like

  • The quality of the chipset
  • Menu ergonomics
  • The quality of construction
  • Consistent design
  • The 21700 batteries, promising
  • The dense and tasty vape

We don’t like

  • The tube that creaks at the beginning


In-depth Ijoy Avenger 270 With Voice Control Kit Review

Vaping seems to be going from strength to strength and now IJoy are moving the bar somewhat higher with a brand new box mod with voice control. The Avenger 270 is a dual 20700 (or dual 18650 battery with the adaptor) battery 234W mod with a huge difference! So does this mod kit give the vapor everything they are looking for, or is it just a gimmick that’s more hassle than it’s worth? We take a closer look at the Avenger 270 to see if it competes with the best vape mods on the market.

Designs of the IJOY Avenger 270


Utilizing the traditional box mod look, the Avenger 270 measures in at 90mm in height and 50mm wide, making it a slightly larger mod than other dual 18650 mods, but this is a dual 20700 mod, which is larger, so no surprise there.

The mod is available in a whole host of colors including black, gold, blue, silver, green, purple, and two rainbow designs. It features a bright OLED 1.3” display on the front giving you all the information you need like wattage, voltage, puff counter and timer, coil resistance, strength, and dual battery indicators in the shape of a wheels with a cool looking car illustration to set the design off. Below the screen is the USB port.

2 more designs of the Avenger 270 starter kitThe Avenger 270 has a large side fire button and to either side of the screen at the bottom is the up and down buttons should you need them.

When using the voice control, a microphone icon is displayed and a noise equalizer blinks showing you that the mod is listening.

The top of the mod features the 510 spring loaded connector, placed right in the center, which means it’s well balanced and you can use any other tank up to 30mm diameter without any overhang.

The bottom of the mod is where the battery door can be found and operated by simply sliding and opening. So all in all the design of this mod is not too dissimilar than some of the other best e cigs we see in its class.

Features of the Avenger 270


To switch the mod on you use the traditional 5 clicks of the fire button. Using the plus and minus button on either side of the screen you can immediately adjust the wattage without entering the menu area adjusting from 5W-234W.

3 clicks of the fire button enters the menu area, this is where you can select “P” or power, for power or wattage mode, “T” or temperature control where you can select the type of coil from Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, or 2 memory settings. If you select one of the temperature control coils, you can then adjust the wattage using the up and down button. To adjust the temperature press the minus button and the temperature should blink, you can then adjust to fit your comfort. Note: To switch to Celsius, just go up to the maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and keep going, it will round robin and switch to Celsius!

The next menu options include customizing the color lights on the mod, including some preset colors which adjust the lights to music or the sound of your voice! You can also adjust the vape strength from normal, hard (30% higher), soft (20% lower) and also user where you can customize the first 3 seconds of each puff.

It also has TCR which is temperature coefficient of resistance which you can tweak if you’re in temperature control. The last area of the menu is the settings area where you can reset the puff counter, adjust the screen on time, and also turn off the voice control.

Voice controls on the IJOY Avenger 270

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Voice Control Features

With the voice control setting on there are a number of things you can adjust on the Avenger 270 mod simply by speaking to it. To enable the listening mod, say “hello, iJoy”, followed by any of the following commands:

  • “Auto Power” – Change to your default power i.e. wattage mode
  • “Auto Watt” – Change the wattage back to the recommended wattage for the coil
  • “Power high” – Increase the wattage by 10W
  • “Power low” – Decrease the wattage by 10W
  • “Lock device” – Obviously locks the device and all buttons, including the fire button
  • “Unlock device” – Unlocks all the buttons
  • “Turn on light” – Turns the light displays on
  • “Change color” scrolls to the next color
  • “Music Light” – Turns the lights to music mode
  • “Romantic Light” – Another predefined light display
  • “Light off” – Turns the lights off
  • “Shut down” – Turns the mod off

The Avenger tank

IJoy Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank

You can buy the IJOY Avenger 270 Voice Control mod as a Starter Kit, meaning you get the Avenger Sub-Ohm tank which features a 25mm diameter tank holding 4.7mm of juice.

It is a top fill device which is accessed via the screw thread cap on top of the tank and has 2 large filling holes to allow the air to escape without any spillage.

You also get 2 coils with the starter kit which include the X3-Mesh Coil which is a 0.15ohm coil and best ran at around 40-90Watts, and an X3-C1S Coil which is a standard 0.35 sub ohm coil best ran between 40-80Watts. Overall the tank is a pretty good option and could be placed in the top 5 sub ohm tanks, one slight quibble is the slight color difference from the mod, but it’s hardly noticeable.


First off we’re using the X3-Mesh Coil at 80W with the airflow fully open. The airflow is just awesome on this tank, it produces so much flavorful vape clouds! Mesh coils are known to produce better flavors and the Avenger doesn’t disappoint!

Rainbow color version of the IJOY Avenger 270 mod kitThe response levels of the IJOY Avenger 270 mod are also really good, easily meeting the needs of this airy tank. Adjusting the vape levels to custom and making the power slightly higher for the first few seconds really helps bring the most out of this starter kit.

Using the X3-C1S Coil also produces a great vape, but the noise of the coil is significantly quieter because of the reduced airflow.


To Conclude

The IJOY Avenger 270 starter kit is one great performing mod kit, no doubt about it. Probably not ideal for any new vaper looking at vaping to quit smoking as it may be a little on the complex side to master. The voice control seems really cool at first, especially adjusting the wattage up and down, and the screen colors, but after a few days of use it becomes a little redundant as it’s rare to adjust the colors and it’s easier to use the up and down buttons to adjust the wattage!

The size of the mod is a little larger than other dual battery mods, but, to its advantage, this mod holds 2×20700 batteries, so it’s one of the longer lasting vape mods out there!

Now It’s Available :IJOY AVENGER 270 234W with AVENGER Subohm TC Kit

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Digiflavor ETNA RDA Review – The Little Big MTL RDA?

Introduction: ETNA RDA by Digiflavor

Today we take a look at the Digiflavor ETNA RDA.digiflavor etns mtl rda reviewed

The ETNA RDA is latest RDA release from Digiflavor following on from the highly acclaimed release of the Drop Solo. The ETNA RDA is a designed in Italy and a collaboration between Digiflavor, Giuseppe Pappalardo and Salvator Agrosi. If you follow MTL vaping you will know that they were also on the team behind the ever popular Digiflavor Siren 2.

This RDA is very very small with an 18mm diameter making it a super small MTL RDA.

The Digiflavor RDA was sent to me direct for this review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x ETNA RDA
  • Spare O Rings
  • Tri Screwdriver Tool
  • Spare Screws
  • Cotton
  • 2 x Fused Claptons and 4 micro coils
  • 1 x Alan Key
  • 1 x Squonk Pin
  • Spare 510 Drip Tip
  • Air Restriction Modules
  • Lip Protector
  • 1 x Beauty Ring

kit-contents etna rda digiflavor


  • Size: 35.5mm x 18mm
  • Diameter: 18mm
  • Drip Tip: 510
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Single Coil configuration
  • MTL Styled
  • Hexagonal Airflow
  • 510 gold plated connection

Design and Build Quality

The Digiflavor ETNA RDA is very well designed and machined, there are no sharp edges, residual oil or loose shards when received. It sits nicely on top of most Mod’s with it’s 18mm footprint or 22mm if you use the included beauty ring.digiflavor etna mtl rda review

The ETNA RDA comes with a fitted, though removable, lip protector. While you don’t necessarily need to use it, I would as the ETNA RDA does become very hot whilst vaping, and, as the name suggests, this gives your lips some protection from the heat of the top cap whilst vaping.

The top cap can be removed with ease if you are using the ETNA RDA as a dripper and locks into place with the top cap positional locking system.

The pre-installed air module in the ETNA RDA weas a perfect match for my MTL style. That said, as any MTL vaper knows, you sometimes have to change the airflow to suit your particular needs. This is soon rectified by finding the correct airflow block to suit your own individual needs. More on the airflow blocks below.

digiflavor etna mtl rda

Depth of Juice Well

The juice well for this small RDA sits at a depth of 10mm. The depth of the juice well is superb for an RDA of this size though the liquid capacity of the juice well is 1ml.

I have used the ETNA RDA mainly as a squonking MTL RDA and haven’t had any problems at all with leaking e-liquid.

digiflavor etna build deck

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Post Type

The build deck on the ETNA RDA comes in the form of a two post, single coil set up. Once you have the correct Air Module inserted, it is an ease to build on.

There is no need to measure the coil leg lengths as they are snipped once you’ve tightened down the legs.

The coil I used during the testing period was a fused clapton provided in the box and came out at 0.64ohms with an inside diameter of 2.5mm. The placement of the coil is exceptionally easy and allows you to sit the coil directly over the air holes in the deck.

digiflavor etna build deck

Air Flow

The air flow from the Digiflavor ETNA RDA is very smooth indeed, you will not get any turbulence or whistle noises at all from this RDA.Digiflavor Etna internal airflow

The air flow comes in directly from the hexagonal air inlet, along then through your chosen Air Module and directed up onto the bottom of the coil giving you the perfect air flow direction to maximise the flavour from the ETNA.

Digiflavor Etna Internal Airflow

As well as the installed air flow module and the two extra provided in the box, you can also purchase an optional four extra modules.

Digiflavor Etna Modules
The module I opted for was the one that came pre-installed which was the 0.8mm dual holed module. The kit also includes a 0.8mm tri holed module and a single holed 1.2mm module.

As you would expect, the resistance from the air flow differs as per the module selected.

The differing effects are noted below:

0.8mm Dual airflow module

This module gives the greatest resistance to the airflow. This provides great flavour but minimal cloud production

0.8mm Tri airflow module

As you would expect, this is the middle of the road module out of all three provided. You do not notice the minimal change to the flavour, however, the airflow resistance is lessened and cloud production increase is negligible from the pre-installed 0.8mm Dual airflow module

1.2mm Single airflow module

This module gives you the least resistance to the airflow out of all three modules. Whilst there is a rather large increase from the 0.8mm Dual airflow module, flavour increase, again, is very negligible as is the cloud production. Another thing to note about this module, though the airflow is increased, you are still unable to DTL with it

Design and Build

The build quality of the Digiflavor ETNA RDA is excellent. I didn’t have a drop of machine oil or any sign of loose shards when taken out of the box. The RDA is built precisely allowing for a flavoursome MTL experience.

The design is somewhat Marmite, either a thumbs up down. Some MTL lovers will love the design whilst some won’t like it because of the airflow design. As mentioned previously, you must find the right air flow module to suit your own MTL experience. Once you find it, most MTL vapers won’t want to change it in a hurry.

However, there are those that will want to change the air-flow on a regular basis. Whilst that’s not impossible, you will have to consider the time it will take to take apart the RDA and change out the air module to insert another.

Digiflavor Etna external airflow

How Does the Digiflavor ETNA RDA Perform?

Whether you are using this MTL RDA as a Dripper or as a Squonker, you will not be disappointed at all.

The MTL experience with this RDA is right up there with the best. Not too surprising as it’s coming from some of the people that helped design the Digiflavor Siren 2.

I spent about 80% of my time using this RDA as a squonking RDA. I feel the best performance and ease of use does come from using the RDA in squonk mode. That’s not to say it differs far from a dripping RDA, far from it.

The deck is very easy to build on and the placement of the coil is very easy indeed.

The Digiflavour ETNA RDA gives you a very smooth, full flavoured MTL vape and one I should expect most MTL vapers to love.


  • Great MTL flavour
  • Very easy to build on
  • Very Smooth Airflow
  • Very Low Price
  • Very hard to over Drip or Squonk
  • Small design


  • Flat Head Screws

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good MTL experience, you would be hard pushed to find an MTL RDA that performs as well as the Digiflavor ETNA RDA. You really can set this RDA up to suit your own MTL needs. The possibilities are vast with the amount of options you have with the airflow set up.

Once you get the airflow dialled down to how you want it, this will quickly become your go to MTL RDA.

Now It’s Available :Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

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